Definition of Legal Engineer

Legal Engineering is a specialization of Legal Design.

By Legal Design we mean the consulting activity that aims to provide legal compliance to any business project. It aims to identify in advance the legal risks associated with the business and to implement all remedial actions to mitigate the risks of controversy and litigation. The aim of Legal Design is therefore to minimize the use of forensic activity.

Legal Engineering operates when the business project is located within the Digital Economy, that particular form of economy typical of the Digital Era in which value is produced through the activity carried out independently by digital devices.

In this context, the approach of legal design plays an even more important role due to the virtual nature of the territory in which the company is located and due to the permission-less paradigms on which the business models of Digital Economy are based.

Legal Engineering is therefore the consulting activity that aims to provide legal compliance to any business project within Digital Economy. It is therefore a form of legal consultancy in which, alongside the jurist, professional figures expert in the various disciplines of Computer Science, such as software engineers, work in synergy.

For this reason the terms "Legal" are associated to this type of consulting activity to indicate the activity of legal design, and "Engineering" to indicate the consulting activity of the professional figures typical of Computer Science who operate in support.

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